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Darlene & Rowell’s Engagement Session at the Almond Blossom Farms (Stockton, CA)

Guess who are getting married this weekend?

Rowell and Darlene are getting married this weekend at Morris Chapel at the University of Pacific Campus in Stockton, CA, and I am soooooo excited to be there for their big day!!!

At the beginning of this year, Darlene’s aunt messaged me on Instagram to request for more information. I remembered it so clearly because it was 9PM, she was available for a phone call so I just called her up that night and we chatted for a while. It was way easier to chat than to text back and forth via IG messenger. lol.. I didn’t think too much of it but a couple of weeks later, Darlene actually did follow up with me. Then Darlene, Rowell, her Mom and her aunt came to meet with me in person and that was it! We knew right from the beginning that we are going to be so good together!

Spring was coming up and I’ve been wanting to photograph someone at the white almond blossom farms for the longest time. When I proposed the idea, they were totally up for it! So one Saturday morning, I got up super early to drive down to Stockton to photograph these lovebirds.

Truth be told, photographing them was more like playing and not work.

Rowell was so photogenic and Darlene was sooooo pretty! Like I couldn’t take a bad photo of her! I was super in love with these two!

For the second location, we headed to the Japanese Tea Garden at Micke Grove since Darlene told me that she really likes the orange bridge there.
For their second outfit, I had suggested that they’d go all out and really dress up, dress up! And oh boy! Dressed they did, to the nine! Ro’s bowtie made me feel so happy. With the casual outfit, he looked so cool and fun and then BAM!!!! With this bowtie, he transformed into a dashing chivalrous gentleman!


Ro & Darlene’s Engagement Photos at the Japanese Tea Garden at Micke Grove in Lodi CA
Ro & Darlene’s Engagement Photos at the Japanese Tea Garden at Micke Grove in Lodi CA

Aren’t they such a gorgeous, gorgeous couple? If this was the engagement session, just imagine what their wedding day will be like? 

Talk to you soon, guys!

I will be back soon with sneak peeks of their wedding day photos.

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