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Tra Huynh

“In The Right Light, At The Right Time. Everything Is Extraordinary.”
– Aaron Rose

Three words others often use to describe my photos are:
fun, natural and full of life!

Hello and welcome!

My name is Tra. It’s pronounced Tra, like Tra-la-laa. In Vietnamese, it means “tea”.
I am 38 years old. To date, I’ve been shooting professionally for 9 years. I live in Elk Grove, CA (right outside of Sacramento, CA) with my husband, Henry, and our 2 daughters, London & Alex.

Henry is my biggest supporter. Not only does he researches and buys all of my gears, he second shoots at all of my weddings as well. We are a “husband & wife wedding photography team”. He photographs the guys. I photograph the girls. It helps our clients see people and event happening that they didn’t catch and remember their wedding day more vividly even years from their actual wedding day.

I grew up in Florida and graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor in Health Administration on August 10, 2007. Two days later, I moved to CA. I had met Henry just 8 months before that. Looking back, I think it was for “love” at the time but really, he was the perfect excuse to run away and find myself. Thankfully everything worked out in the end. To date, we have been together for 16 years, married for 10 years.

Photo by Nate Castillo Photography

Meet our little humans: Alex (3) and London (5), or our insta-famous babies as friends like to call them. This is our whole world right here. They are the reason for all of the sleepless nights but also our biggest motivation to do better! If there is such a thing as our hearts walking outside of our bodies, they are it!!!!

Modeling for mama’s “Back To School” session and too much fun at the studio.


StarWest Botanicals
ADEPT Driver
Stoel Rivers LLP Attorneys
Cyara CX Assurance Platform
Proctor & Gamble
California Partnership to End Domestic Violence
Downtown Sacramento Partnership
Best Friends For Frosting
Healthy Image Dental Group
California Center for Research on Women & Family
My Sister’s House


Real Weddings Magazine
Ardent For Life Magazine
Pearl Pear Bride


Masters of Business Administration- 2014
Argosy University- San Francisco Bay, CA

Bachelors in Health Administration- 2007
University of North Florida- Jacksonville, FL

Corporate Headshot Photography for StartWest Botanicals (Nov 2021)
Helping clients choose their favorite images after a headshot session at Stoel Rives.

How I Became A Photographer

After moving to CA, I worked at a private art college for 8 years. After 5 years at that job, I started questioning the purpose of life. I mean, day in and day out, I was encouraging my students to pursue their passion and follow their dreams. But what was I doing? I was really good at financial planning but I needed something to fuel my soul. I wanted something more!!!

When I was in high school, I really wanted to be an Interior Designer, but going to an art school was not an option at the time. I didn’t want to put my parents through that financial stress. I thought of going back to school to be a graphic designer or a web designer. Photography was just a hobby at the time. I loved taking pictures of flowers, and trees and raindrops after the rain but have never thought of it as a job before. After getting lots and lots of encouragement from friends, I started building my portfolio in the Spring of 2013. I got all of my co-workers to be my models and was tagging the heck out of them on Facebook. It was just for fun. It didn’t expect their friends to call me so soon after wanting to book photoshoots.

It was amazing! I remember googling “How to start a photography business? How much to charge for photo sessions? How to pose a family of 5? Fun ideas for engagement sessions?” I was up until midnight or 1am every night researching and reading blogs to learn more about the business side of photography. I went to photography meet up to try to learn from others who are more advanced than I was. I was taking classes toward my Master at the time and I found it super helpful, especially the marketing and finance classes. In February 2014, I finished my Master in Business Administration. Then I put all of my effort toward building my photography business. I’m a big number person so I was always setting goals. Once I reached one goal, I set an even higher one.

After 2.5 years, I got where I wanted to be so I left my full-time corporate job in October 2015 to pursue photography full time. I remember that day when I turn in my 2.5 months notice. I was so nervous but finally I told my boss that after I come back from Europe, I am going to work for 2.5 weeks and then I will be gone. Then I started booking clients on weekdays to make sure that I cannot back out of this decision. (hahaha)

In a nutshell

I went from building my portfolio in Spring 2013, photographing mainly families and kids to booking 3 weddings in 2014, 13 weddings in 2015, 14 weddings in 2016 and 16 weddings in 2017, along with many, many portraits and commercial photoshoots in between.

I love working with people and building relationships. I cannot imagine doing anything better than helping others document the most important milestones in their lifetime. A session with me is made of some necessary formal poses and lots of running, jumping, and fun, laughing-out-loud moments. My mission is to capture YOUR timeless life moments with FUN, VIBRANT and TIMELESS photographs that reflect your personality and emotions. I want to capture those feelings that you never want to forget and the moments that you never want to pass.

Follow me, I am on Facebook and Instagram. I am especially active on Instagram so follow me to see the latest projects I am working on.

To book your wedding and photo session, please contact me at to get started. I am also available via text as well at 916-475-3346. I will respond to you within 24-48 hours. Promise!

Thank you so much for visiting today. I look forward to working with you and your loved ones soon!

Yours truly,

Two Twenty Photos by Tra Huynh

Let's get in touch

I want to hear from you.

The only way to know if we are a good match is to talk. For your convenience, I usually reply back to emails within 24 hours or by phone. You are welcome to call or text me at 916-475-3346.

Phone: 916.475.3346
Instagram: Personal: @trahuynh_ Photography: @twotwentyphotos_sac

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