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Nha- Sacramento Contemporary Women Portraitures

Contemporary Women Portraiture by Two Twenty Photos

Now that our busy wedding and holiday season is over, I am spending most of my days doing follow up and shooting what I really love. And what I really love to photograph are women beauty and boudoir portraits.

Last week, in the midst of the storm and flooding here in Sacramento, I had Nha come to play with me. We originally planned to go take moody photos in the fog and the bare tree branches but it was raining and was nasty outside so we took refuge in my studio instead. And boy! Oh boy! Did these photographs of Nha turned out amazing!

Doesn’t it look like we were shooting for a clothing catalog?
by TwoTwentyPhotos.comby
Sexy back = CHECK!


Since she recently got engaged
The morning before the photoshoot, I picked berries branches from my neighbor’s yard thinking that we can make a bouquet to add interest to the images. Next thing you know, we were simulating a flower bed shot then Nha used the branches to make herself a flower crown. This was the part that got us all giddy and excited, like little girls playing dress up at a slumber party.

by TwoTwentyPhotos.comby TwoTwentyPhotos.comby

This shot was really  beautiful in color but when I turned it into black and white, there is something so classic that I couldn’t resist.

by TwoTwentyPhotos.comby TwoTwentyPhotos.comShe brought this beautiful floral dress that screams SPRING!!!!! So I thought it would be fun to stack the pink and baby blue backdrop side-by-side to create something

by TwoTwentyPhotos.comby

We ran out of time here but her red dress looked so regal that we squeezed in an extra 10-minute shoot. I reused the berry bouquet from before. I didn’t think I like the bouquet in it at the time but looking back, I love the contrast it created since her dress was a solid one piece while the berries were so small but there are so many of them.

Thank you Nha for allowing me the opportunity to photograph you in such beautiful light!

by TwoTwentyPhotos.comby TwoTwentyPhotos.comby

Aside from weddings, I want to photograph more women this year. And men too. In this day and age, I feel like we take lots of selfies and phone photos but don’t have many nice photos of ourselves that are worthy of printing.

So ladies and gentlemen, if this is you and you would like to have nice photographs that you and your family can proudly show off, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day coming up, for your upcoming birthday or just because, please contact me below to get started.

Shoots can be outdoor or at my studio in Old Sac.


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