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My Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot

After photographing so many women for their boudoir photos, yesterday, I did a boudoir photoshoot of my own: a maternity boudoir photoshoot shot by my husband, Henry.

Henry and I are both photographers. I do it full time. He does it as a hobby outside of his full time job. He got into photography when I started booking weddings back in 2014 and got really good at fashion shoots and headshots. And weddings. Since 2014, we have shot 95% of the weddings that I booked together. After London was born in 2017, he scaled back a lot on fashion photography and has since then been an almost exclusive photographer for London and me.

So it was no surprise that he would photograph his pregnant wife at 30 weeks. These were done in our studio.

Before London, we used to travel a lot and had so much time to go explore around town and take abstract photos. For example, in January when it would get foggy at night and in the early morning, we would make time to take silhouette photos in the fog. But now with a 2-year old, we hardly have time to document even ourselves in photos.

That’s why it is so special for me to actually dress up and have these photos done. Also, it might be my last pregnancy.

I have always liked the idea of having 3 kids but after having London and see how much work it is to raise another human being, I think 2 kids might be enough. lol.
*But let’s see!*

And of course it wouldn’t be a shoot with Henry without some dramatic lighting techniques. Unlike me who loves natural light, he loves studio lighting and would spend hours and hours to perfect it.
If you want to see more of his work, you can check out his website here.

It never fails. The feeling is completely different when you’re in front of the camera. For someone who is so used to telling clients to look here, look there, chin down, hands here, I didn’t know what the heck was I supposed to do when yesterday. I was so anal. I kept asking Henry to fix me.

“How’s my hand?
Is it okay there?
Should I open it up?
Where should I put my legs?
Cross them? Yes? NO!?”

And of course I would sneak in a super feminine set before we are done! Literally guys, I gathered all of the flowers and blankets and even took out a the tulle dress I wore for our 12-year anniversary photoshoot to create layers for this dreamy set. I even asked Henry to shoot it through another tulle skirt to create that filter you see on the left side of the image below. Can you imagine how much he was rolling his eyes when I suggested it?

It is everything that he is against. But when you love your wife so much, you’ll do it, right? hahahahaha

We wrapped up the shoot with a flower bath. If you follow my stories on Instagram, you’ll probably recognize that the flowers were from the $3.99 bouquet that I got from Trader Joe’s and arranged for the dining room table last week. Before they die, I got another use out of them. lol..

I’m not sure how I feel about the pink kimono in this set. I think a white or black Lace robe might have been better BUT it’s a personal shoot and we worked with what we got.

This is my favorite photo from that set. Mainly because I will forever remember Henry standing on the side of the tub fascinated and laughing while sticking his pale ass feet out to make sure his toes go into the shots.

I hope you love the images. I was a bit hesitant to show pics of me with SOOOO much skin. But it is within these skin that a little human is growing and developing.

And as difficult as it is, motherhood is beautiful! And so worthy of sharing.

Please contact me if you’d like a boudoir or maternity boudoir photoshoot done for yourself.

Have an amazing day!

Click here to check out Henry’s website or Instagram.

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