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Pam Pam Swaddle Blankets- Branding & Commercial Photographer (Sacramento, CA)

Sacramento Commercial Headshot Branding PhotographerSacramento Commercial Headshot Branding Photographer

A couple weeks ago, I did a branding photoshoot for PamPam Swaddle and I am so happy with the results. So was my client. As a matter of fact, everything on her website was photographed by me. EVERYTHING!

PamPam Swaddle is a Hmong-inspired swaddle blanket line designed by Sia Xiong. Pam (pronounced bah) is the Hmong word for blanket.  The line is made of 7 very distinct designs.  Sia said inspirations of these designs came from her love for her Hmong heritage and from her 2-year old daughter, Stella, who always asked for her “pam pam” frequently throughout the day for comfort.

Sia came to me needing professional quality mages to help elevate her brand and sell her blankets. She needed nicely-lit images of the blankets for her website and social media accounts so she can show potential clients what the designs look like and what they can be used for.  As a new Mom, this is all too familiar as we too, use a blanket all the time with our baby. Other than needing the image of the blankets themselves, Sia didn’t have anything specific in mind so she gave me the creative freedom to do everything.

She said, “the blankets just came in. I have so many people wanting to see what they look like.
Are you available this week to photograph them? How about tomorrow?”

***laughing out loud**
My mind got to work quick to create a shot list.

In the last 2 years, I shot a lot of branding and commercial images for Best Friends For Frosting, a local lifestyle blogger, so I am really familiar with the process when it comes to branding and commercial photoshoots. We always brainstorm before each shoot and we always have a shot list made beforehand to make sure we save time, stay on course and achieved our objectives.

Instead of just images of the blankets, I convinced Sia to do a full branding photoshoot, which include her headshots, lifestyle images with her daughter, Stella, who inspired the designs, and of course photos of the products that she can use for her website catalog. 

Since PamPam Swaddle blankets are meant to be used in the home, I suggested that we photograph her products in a home setting instead of the studio. That way the images will feel organic, familiar and more authentic (since her target market are mainly women with kids). So the next day, Sia brought her 2 youngest kids to my house, dressed in her brand color shirt, for the photoshoot because with a young baby, we have everything needed.

Here are the results from our branding & product photoshoot:

Sacramento Commercial Headshot Branding Photographer
Sia Xiong, creator of Pampam Swaddle, as a wife, mom, and small business owner.

Sacramento Commercial Headshot Branding Photographer

Sacramento Commercial Headshot Branding Photographer
Sia’s swaddle blanket designs inspired by her Hmong heritage.

We wanted something to hold the blankets upright but at the same time still feels organic, so I chopped a branch off of a blooming tree in the front yard, stripped the leaves and flowers off, washed it and TA-DA!!!


What do you think about the story that we tried to convey?

Check out PamPam Swaddle to see more swaddle blanket designs available.

Thank you for following along. More branding and commercial photoshoots are available under my Portfolio.
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