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Tien & Teresa’s Wedding- Sneak Preview | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Ready for our big day, Talan?university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-2

Last Saturday, Henry and I got the opportunity to document Tien and Teresa’s wedding day and we are so excited that I have to post a second sneak peek. This time it’s with the bride and groom too and not just photos of Talan looking all adorable.

 I know, it’s also like a full post and not a sneak peek but what to do, I am just soooooo in love with Tien and Teresa.

Teresa is the nicest and kindest person I know. Everytime I’ve met with her, I kept thinking, “Wow! She is so kind.” And Tien, he is just a goof-ball and is super chill. He also makes a lot of face which is always a good thing in my book.

Let’s start off with the getting ready photos at the Marriott.


I am so in love with these accent wall at this hotel. They add such a contemporary feel to the

For the bridesmaids, we started the day with some jumping on the bed photos. Nothing like breaking the ice than laughing a lot, a lot!university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-26university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-28Once he was ready, Talan came by and gave his Mommy a kiss. He was so shy he wouldn’t look at the

On the way out, we saw some really pretty windows so I had to have Teresa strike a few poses their ceremony is at 2PM in Stockton and the reception is at 6PM in Sacramento, we opted to go take formal wedding photos at the University of the Pacific before the church ceremony to save time (and stress). university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-43university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-44university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-45university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-46university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-49university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-47university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-48university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-50university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-51

And just for laughs and giggles, here’s Tien going all sassy on

Done with the bridal party photos, now it’s photos with just the bride and groom:university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-61university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-62university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-63university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-64university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-65university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-66university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-67university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-68university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-69university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-70university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-72university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-74university-pacific-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-76

The Wedding Ceremony at St. Luke’s Catholic Church:

“Talan, are you ready?”


Let’s do this!st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-3st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-4st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-5st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-6The Groom’s Grandparents are so adorable. Grandpa kept looking over to Grandma and the grandkids during the

The priest asked them to state what is the best part about love?st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-8Here they are receiving marriage advices from their older brother and it’s time to exchange wedding

It is official! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Tien Tran!st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-21st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-23st-luke-church-stockton-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-24

The Wedding Reception at Happy Garden Seafood Restaurant :


The venue is decorated by NC Event & Designs. We have worked with Nikki on so many weddings and we are always amazed by the visions she brought to life.
Their gorgeous, gorgeous wedding cake created by Sweet Escape by Betty. She always delivers the best craftsmanship. happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-2happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-7happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-12happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-13happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-4happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-15happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-17happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-18happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-21happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-24happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-25happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-26happy-garden-sacramento-wedding-photographer_-30

The guest photos will be released on my FB page in the next 3 days.

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