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Beauty Portraits w/ Tara at the Studio

This week has been crazy for me. I’ve had 2 shoots almost everyday for the last 4 days. I was so exhausted that I almost rescheduled Tara’s shoot. I’m so glad I didn’t though.It’s been a long time since I shot in the studio. We’ve been so busy with weddings and engagement sessions and now I am gearing up for Fall photos.

This year, in addition to outdoor sessions, I will be offering studio sessions that women can book as a gift to themselves or the husbands can reserve as a really special gift to their wives. Because women, we give so much to others but not enough to ourselves.

So I asked Tara to come in so we can kickstart this campaign. I’ve also learned a new technique recently and wanted to test it out. The three looks we ended up going for was:

sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer
Women Beauty Portraits by Two Twenty Photos at our Old Sac Studio Location
sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-2
To add to her outfit, I whipped out some red flowers I had laying around and created this “custom” headpiece. You can’t see but we had so many bobby pins in there to hold the individual pieces up.
sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-13
We shot in front of a backdrop, can you tell? I placed it next to a giant window but used my LED light to light her instead of natural light. All overhead light turned off.

sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-12

sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-3
For the second outfit, we went for classy black everything so that her red lips will be the pop of color.
sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-11
I have to admit that blond hair looks pretty darn good again a dark backdrop.
sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-4
Now for the more artistic and playful images. I saw a really gorgeous shots of a girl in a hat. I happened to have a black hat at the house so I brought it along.  What a coincident that we both brought the same black hat to the shoot.
sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-5
Shoulder and lips.

sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-6

sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-9
The night before the shoot, I thought it would be cool to add a sweater into the mix. Something a little more casual and playful. I meant to make these photos into black and white but I’m such a sucker for colors that I couldn’t.

sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-7sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-8sacramento women beauty glamour portrait photographer-10

What do you think of this shoot?
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If you love the images and would like to reserve a session for yourself or someone you love, please contact me at 916-475-3346 for rates and availability. You can also email me

Thank you so much!

Tra Huynh
Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Sacramento, CA & available worldwide

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  1. I like these, Tra. It helps, too, that she’s got great skin, beautiful eyes, lovely hair, and could be a 50’s pinup girl! She’s gorgeous… and you captured everything wonderfully! Nice lighting!

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