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Sneak Peek from Linda and Mike’s Wedding at the Citizen Hotel & Asian Pearl

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-30

Linda & Mike got married 10 days ago at the Citizen Hotel & Asian Pearl. Their wedding is nothing short of being breathtakingly beautiful. When we took engagement session earlier this year, I kept telling Mike that I think I’m in love with Linda. I mean, really, THIS GIRL CANNOT TAKE A BAD PHOTO. CANNOT!!!! And this carried over to the wedding day as well.

Here is a sneak peek at how their wedding day started:

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-2

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-3 Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-6 Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-4

Jumping on the bed to get our blood pumping.

Ready for all the excitement that’s about to go down!!!

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-5 Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-7

Mike’s Mom is so sweet. When I walked in and saw her for the first time, she said, “Hi Tra!” (like so casually as though we have known each other for a really long time.) I was a little taken back a bit as my brain tried to to find her name. But nothing came and I  felt so terrible. So she said she is the groom’s mother and that they talk about me so often that the whole family refer to me as “Tra” instead of “the photographer”.

I was so touched and felt so honored.

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-8

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-10

After reading the handwritten card from Mike, we were ready to rock-and-roll!

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-9Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-11

Can you tell that this was a reflection through the door? Everyone on the inside was seated as they waited for the ceremony to begin while everyone on the outside was shuffling and rushing to get organized.

aDowntown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-12

Linda with her Dad as he walked her down the aisle so she can marry the love of her life.

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-14Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-15

I love how you can “SEE” the joy in her eyes as she looked at Mike.

And Mike, you can see the emotions on his face as he looked at his wife.

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-16Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-17

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Del Carlo!

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-18

Look at that smile!!!! I’m sure that’s the smile that Mike fell in love with, over and over again.

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-19

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-20

With every wedding, we like to get a large group photo of everyone right after the ceremony. And occasionally, we love to throw in something fun, like having Mike dipped his new wife for an awesome shot like this.

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-21Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-22Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-23

Now the fun begins!

Let’s go take some fun bridal wedding photos around Downtown Sacramento. Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-25Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-26Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-27Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-28Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-29Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-31

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-34Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-33Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-35Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-37Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-38Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-39

To give everyone a little something different, Henry and I are always out in Downtown Sacramento to scope out new locations. That’s why you’d always see so many varieties of images in our client’s wedding gallery.

Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-41Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-42Downtown Sacramento Citizen Hotel Wedding-43

Hair & Make Up: Orchid Duong Artistry
Videography: Narong Mok
Wedding Venue: The Citizen Hotel & Asian Pearl
Flowers & Reception Decoration: The Wedding Center

We hope you love the sneak peeks. It is always so difficult for me to choose because there are always so many happy, beautiful, awkward and funny moments to choose from. We love our jobs and are so honored that Mike and Linda trust us to capture this beautiful milestone in their lives.

Stay tuned for the full post later because YOU HAVE TO SEE THE DANCE BETWEEN LINDA AND HER DAD. I have never seen something so funny and awesome before in my life. That post should be up within 3 weeks when we deliver the final images to the happy couple.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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