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William Land Park (Sacramento, CA)

I have been photographing these girl’s family since Diem was a little baby. I can’t believe she’s 5 now and has a 2-year-old sister. While Diem is so cooperative (has always been), Leai is NOT!!! She fears the camera and has her own agenda at every shoot. I think it’s the age. At the last photoshoot (2 months ago), she cried for more than half of the session so we set up this one so their Mom can get some happier pics of the sisters together. Their Mom came up with this idea for them to come to the shoot with her Auntie, Sureena, hoping that she won’t stick to Sureena like she did with Mom.

What was supposed to be a quick 5 minute shoot turned into an hour long because Leai wouldn’t leave her Aunty’s side neither. When we almost gave up, Sureena said let’s seat on the grass really quick to rest because she’s so tired from chasing the girls around. Of course, Leai followed and sat on Surrena’s lap and started to eat a chocolate chip cookies. I swear the lighting was soooo beautiful on Leai and she looked so happy eating that chocolate chip cookies.

“Sureena, can you lie down really quick?”

“Diem!!!! Get over here. Sit down on Aunty so that you are facing your sister. Now! Stop eating your cookie. Come over now.”

We end up getting the most natural interaction between the girls this year. I had to pull back on some shots so we can see Sureena lying down. It’s the most unflattering angle of her but I guess that’s what made her the BEST AUNTIE EVER!!!

Location: William Land Park in Sacramento, CA

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