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PamPam Swaddle

Commercial & Branding Photography

PamPam Swaddle is a Hmong-inspired swaddle blanket line designed by Sia Xiong. Pam (pronounced bah) is the Hmong word for blanket.  The line is made of 7 very distinct designs.  Sia said inspirations of these designs came from her love for her Hmong heritage and from her 2-year old daughter, Stella, who always asked for her “pampam” frequently throughout the day.

Sia came to me needing professional quality mages to help elevate her brand and sell her blankets. She needed nicely-lit images of the blankets for her website so she can show potential clients what they can be used for.  Since she didn’t have anything specific in mind, she gave me the creative freedom to do everything.

You can read more about the ideas and concepts behind her brand and designs here.

Photographer: Tra Huynh (Two Twenty Photos)

Client: PamPam Swaddle


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