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Kelsey Wat- Branding Photos & Headshots (Sacramento, CA)

I had the most wonderful experience working with Kelsey Wat who is starting a career coaching business. I remember Kelsey’s initial email to me so well. She said she has been thinking and planning this business for so long. Now that her daughters are a little older, she is finally ready to get the wheels rolling. And that first step is branding images and headshots.

“I am looking to get some professional headshots/branding images for my coaching business.  I don’t need too many of them, but want a few different looks–some in a more outdoor type of space that are casual, some a bit more “architectural” and professional with me “working”.

If she was to ask me for headshots only, I would have said, let’s go outside and do some nature and architectural shots and call it a day. However, since she was looking for branding images, I asked to schedule a time to find out more about what she does and are planning to do for the future.

From the call, I find out that she mainly works out of her house, is super casual, wants a casual and approachable vibe to her brand. She laughs alot. Her coaching business is aimed to help mid-career professionals get into the path that’s more fulfilling. Since it’s COVID, most of the consultations are done via Zoom or FaceTime. When permitted, she also does mock interviews in person as well.

So instead of the typical headshots, I said what if we create custom stock images for her career coaching business instead? Let’s SHOW potential clients  what they can expect from her when they land on her Instagram and website. Let’s show them so they know to expect consultations to be via Zoom. Let’s show them that Kelsey also meet clients for mock interview in person at coffee shops to help them with their resumes and preparation. Let’s show them that she is super casual and approachable.

We planned out the shoot and this is how it turned out earlier today.

You can learn more about Kelsey Way by visiting or on her official instagram linked here. 

Photography and Creative Directing by Tra Huynh at Two Twenty Photos

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