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Ice Cream & Flower Fields

Danielle & Chris' Engagement

Sneak peeks from Danielle & Chris’ engagement session this past weekend.

Their first date was at Gunther’s ice cream so we went back. End up it was soooooo busy. There were people everywhere since it was the first sunny day after weeks of rain. 😅😅 So we stuck to the back of the building where the mural was at and did all of the photos there. It worked out great because 1) it’s in the shade & 2) there was hardly anyone back there that day.

After that we went to the Capitol Park for pictures at the cactus garden (where there were tons of ppl taking pictures too.) lol…

But no worries. There was tons of other spots avail or I was hiding behind bushes so I can use plants to hide the people in the background.

Lastly, we stopped by the flower fields because Danielle really wanted photos in nature or flowers. Sunset was at 7:20. We got there at 7:05 but the sun had disappeared behind the trees. So we made do with what light we had. End up, it was the most fun & carefree spot of the 3 places we went that day!!! 🌼🌾🌿

There was soooo much smiles (AND WHISPERS ABOUT SWEET NOTHING 😂😂😂😂😂😂). I forgot how nice it is to photograph adults who can listen & improvise after a long fall & Christmas season full of family photoshoots.

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