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Jeanelle & Myron- Downtown Sacramento Engagement Photoshoot

Jeanelle and Myron are getting married this weekend!!! And I am soooo excited!!!!


Jeanelle is such a glamorous girl! With so much style and so much class!!!! And she is the nicest person ever!

She found me after I photographed one of her coworker’s family last year. Right from the start, I think we both knew that we will be a great fit for each other. On the day of the wedding consultation, we walked past each other in the parking garage in Old Sac and I remember thinking, “Dang! Her outfit is soooo cute! And those boots, I want those boots!!!!” ***imagine hearts coming out of my eyes everywhere*** Ironically, she told me later on that she saw me and told Myron that she thought the same thing about the pair of boots that I was wearing too!!! (LMAO)

Since booking, we have met over boba tea and popcorn chicken several times to plan out her engagement session and for me to help her plan out the wedding-day schedule. This girl would randomly send me inspirations for her photoshoot. We should get so giddy at the possibilities then magically, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon earlier this Spring, we found ourselves running through Downtown Sacramento with a bunch of giant pink, 24-inch balloons. (That is after they laughed and kissed their way through the vibrant rose garden at California Capitol Park.)

For their second outfit, I suggested to go all out and dressed to the nines they did! You can’t tell here but it was sooooo hot and humid that afternoon but Myron wore his suit like a champ. We took a couple shots in front of Insight Coffee Shop because Jeanelle used to live in one of the apartments on top of it. She’s been living and working in Downtown Sacramento for most of her adult life. On top of that, she and Myron met while they were both working in Downtown.

Everytime I look at these photos taken in front of the Grange Restaurant by the Citizen Hotel, I can’t help but laugh so much from the irony of it all. Seriously, I made them run and jump and do all sorts of action shots that day. Meanwhile, you can see that families and couples are just sitting inside having a nice and quiet dinner. 

Meanwhile, we are still running and laughing and getting intimate outside.

The best part though, was that two of Myron’s coworkers came by with the police bikes and let us use them as props for the photoshoot. You see, how they met is that Myron used to patrol Downtown Sacramento on his bike. He would pass by Sharif Jewelers where Jeanelle works everyday. Then one day they started talking and that’s how things got started started.

So just for fun, I had Myron picked up the bike so he can show off his muscles. (Meanwhile, his two coworkers are laughing their heads off and say they will never let him live this down).

“Hey girl, let me show you what my bike can do!”

For the last location, we got private access to an open rooftop on top of Sharif Jeweler so I got to photograph them during sunset.

It was blazing hot but she twirled around as though it was the coolest day in Spring.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, future Mr. & Mrs. Loui. I cannot wait to capture your fairytale wedding this weekend at Morris Chapel and Wine & Roses.


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