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Patrick- Modern Headshot & Men Portrait Photographer

Sacramento professional men portrait headshot photographer_-3In January, Patrick came into the studio to get photographed. He was looking for a new headshot to update all of his online professional sites. Since he has never been photographed professionally before, I recommended that he brings two outfits that day. One can be the suit and tie and one can be something a little more casual. That way in addition to the professional headshot for his LinkedIn, he’ll get to have something nice that he can can use for all the social media sites (and to give to his Mom because what Mom doesn’t love to have really nice photos of their handsome son?)

Sacramento professional men portrait headshot photographer_-5

My favorite backdrop at the studio is the dark grey. I use it for almost every studio portrait session. Since Patrick works in finance, I made sure to also photograph him in front of the blue backdrop. When I was in school, (specifically Color Theory class), I learned that anything that has to do with finance, the go-to color is blue for blue implies honesty, trust and dependability.

Sacramento professional men portrait headshot photographer_-10

After our studio session, we went outside to get some outdoor photos of him as well. It was raining that morning so we headed to the back of the studio and took photos on the stairs. Photographing Patrick was a breeze. With a little directions here and there and he looked like a model.

Sacramento professional men portrait headshot photographer_-6Sacramento professional men portrait headshot photographer_Sacramento professional men portrait headshot photographer_-8


Tell me, how long has it been since you updated your headshot?
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