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My Teddy Bear Gives Free Hugs


Ever since my shoot with Hanh last year with her teddy bear at the library at Sac State, I’ve been wanting a teddy bear of my own. Lucky for me, I found the perfect one this weekend to add to my toy and prop collection. He is the perfect coffee brown color and has the cutest face. teddy bear

He is also really, really big! Probably bigger than me. AND HE GIVES AWAY FREE HUGS!!!! When time permits later this month, I want to bring him to Old Sac so he can give free hugs to more people.girl with large brown teddy bear

BTW, HIS NAME IS BUTTON for he is as cute as button and so much more!!! Thank you Juanita for the suggestion. I am completely with that name the moment I heard it!

Now for something completely different, I have some photos of Jixer that I want to share. This past Sunday, I took him out to a local park for a nice long walk. We saw lots of orange pumpkins at a nearby farm so the next day, we came back with our camera to take some photos. I am too excited for Fall to come so we can have pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte, pumpkin cookies, pumpkins everything!!! I am done with the summer heat.

bridge in park natomas sacramento dog walking around pumpkin patch sacramento pumpkin patch pomaranian dog in pumpkin patch sacramento ladybugs dangling on a wildflower branch wildflowers on our walk dragonfly on tree branch

I hope you enjoy the photos. Have a lovely Thursday, everyone!

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