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Violet’s First Birthday/ Cake Smash | Sacramento Outdoor Baby Photographer


Last Sunday, I got the chance to photograph the most adorable baby whose first birthday is coming up at the end of this month. Her name is Violet. She has large, beautiful blue eyes, long lashes and the fairest skin. Like Valentina whose 6-month old photo session took place in her Grandma’s front yard which was filled with hydrangeas and roses, Violet’s 1st birthday session took place in her Grandma’s backyard which was filled with all kinds of flowers and vegetables. Her Grandma loved the hot air balloon set that I have so we started with this. JUL_8822

“Hot air balloon? But Mommy, what do you mean you’re sending me away. I just want to stay home and bake cookies with you!”


 If you’ve been following me, you know that I can’t resist the opportunity to take these 3-generation shots. Not only do Grandma, Mommy and Daughter looked soooo adorable together, I know for sure that these shots will be priceless! Not only will Grandma treasure them so so much, Violet will treasure them even more when she’s older. I am so proud of this shot below and how perfectly happy everyone looked! It’s one of those perfect photos that you have to have on the wall and smile everytime you see it. JUL_8873

Then we have more adorable photos of this baby girl and her lovely Grandma.

JUL_8876 JUL_8898

I can’t help but laugh out loud everytime I see the photo below, not because of anything that Cristy, Justin or Violet were doing but of Grandma jumping up and down, hooting and hollering beside me to get her Granddaughter’s attention. Like any one year old that I photographed, Violet’s attention is everywhere BUT at me. So to make her laugh and look at the camera, her Grandma was jumping and yelling non-stop. By the time we got this shot, she was sweating and out of breath. Ruth definitely deserves the “THE MOST ENTERTAINING GRANDMA EVER!” award in my book!


Don’t you just love this setting? Grandma’s backyard is filled with all kinds of treasures! I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for this family photoshoot.

JUL_8980 JUL_8967JUL_8975JUL_8995r JUL_9014r JUL_9100


Time for the cake smash behind the barn! I have never seen a kid being so careful with a cake before! She was so polite. Instead of digging into the cupcake and make a mess of everything all at once, she was so patient and took her time to pick it up piece and piece. Do you love the setting? I made the purple flag out of scrapbook paper to match Violet’s tutu skirt. JUL_9246 JUL_9258 JUL_9283 JUL_9291 JUL_9297 JUL_9305 JUL_9321r JUL_9348r JUL_9363

I end this blog post of Violet’s 1st birthday photo session by sharing with you my most favorite images from the shoot below which are of Violet with her Mom and Dad. I have no doubt that they love her more than anyone else in the world and I feel that these images captured that love perfectly!!!

JUL_9392 JUL_9398

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