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Valentina’s 6-month session in Pink & Gold | Sacramento Baby & Family Outdoor Photographer

DSC_2902DSC_2678Today I am thankful to be given the opportunity to photograph such a wonderful family right in their own front yard. Yesenia is Tara’s friend (of whom I photographed mother & daughter’s photos of right before Mother’s Day. You can see Tara’s mother & daughter session here.)

Yesenia has a 6-month old baby girl named Valentina. She originally asked me for a mother & daughter session but wanted to have her Mom in some of them too. Of course I said yes! This is a great way to document the 3 generations since she lives right in town. Growing up, I don’t have any photos together with my grandma so whenever possible, I’d always suggest to my clients that they should take them while they can.  Can you imagine how precious these photos will be to Valentina when she grows up to have pictures of her as a baby with her mother and grandmother all together at the same time and place and looking so beautiful?

grandmother mother granddaughter family photos

When we first talked on the phone to brainstorm for the shoot, Yesenia showed me a little bloomer set that she bought for her daughter. I knew then that this shoot is going to be amazing! To match with the rose and gold color on her bloomer set, I brought along all the flowers and props that I have to their house. Along with the setting sun and her Auntie’s perfect cursive handwriting, I must say that our set for Valentina’s 6-month old photoshoot was pretty perfect!

baby photoset sacramento photographer baby girl pink and gold outdoor photographersacramento baby photographer outdoor 6 months

Valentina was such a good girl today. And of course, knowing me, you know that I always try to get lots of mother & daughter interaction in my shoot. I am a big fan of lifestyle photos, meaning I like to get images of parents & children interacting together may it be them chasing each other around, throwing them up in the air, kissing them over and over until they giggle. I feel images like these become priceless as they capture not only the children’s youth but also their parent’s youth.



Since it was possible, I also sneaked Valentina’s grandpa in as well. =)

grandma and grandpa in family photoshoot




Isn’t that the cute and most fashionable bathing suit you’ve been seen on a baby? (Wah!!!!!!!)sacramento baby family photographer baby in bathing suit pool photoshoot idea baby photoshoot idea bath pool bathing suit

There are so many cute photos but this last one has to be one of my favorites from tonight?

DSC_2897 DSC_2899 DSC_2900 DSC_2904

Can you see why I couldn’t wait to release the sneak peeks tonight? What a cutie! I can’t wait to show her Mom the rest of the photos soon!



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