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Tet | Lunar New Year

Ao Dai Photoshoots at the Studio

When we were young, my mom always made sure we took photos during the Lunar New year or Tet.

“We were so poor so we were only able to afford 4-5 photos.” They didn’t own a camera back then but during the Lunar New Year, there was always this one photographer that would go from one house to the next throughout the village to offer professional photos for families that want to have some memories. 
And per tradition, every new year, each kid gets 1-3 new, pretty outfits to wear on New Years Day. \

Though in the US, the Lunar New Year is not celebrated as widely as it is in Vietnam, I still get super giddy to be able to buy my 2 year old daughter London an ao dai and dress her up. That’s her “new clothes” for the new year. This is the set that I created for her and photographed my little clients also whose parents wanted to dress their kids up as well in our cultural clothes while they still can.

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