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“Spring Bunny” Mini Sessions

NOW BOOKING Live Bunnies Easter Photos

For the first time ever, I am offering “Spring Bunny” mini sessions. Yes! we will have 2 real bunnies. Their names are BMO (the brown one) and Mochi (the white one). You will notice later that BMO is the one that would sit still to take photos while Mochi loves to hop around everywhere and will try to eat anything that resembles food.

During our promo shoot with my daughters London and Alex, London (my 3 year old) was soooo in love! I have never seen her being so gentle before. She even kissed the bunnies 3 times!!! Alex on the other hand didn’t know what to think so she stayed still for a while. lol.

If you prefer not to have the bunnies in the photos, that is totally fine! Their owner will be on site to make sure they are happy.


This is for kids only.

Date: Saturday, March 13th and March 20th

Time: 10am to 2pm

Cost: The “Spring Bunny” mini session is $300 for a 20 mins session and 10 edited digital images, $425 for 20 images, $500 for 30 pics or $700 for all of the pics. I am also offering 2 print & digital packages as well.

Location: These sessions will take place at my studio in Elk Grove, CA. (The enclosed space ensures that the bunnies don’t hop away and get lost). Once booked, I will text you the exact address 4 days before the shoot.

Though not required, I recommend wearing light color clothing. Since the bunnies are fairly small, mostly likely your kids will be sitting down or crouching down to pet them. So if they are wearing a dress, please have tights or shorts underneath just in case.

As a precaution, only one family will be in the studio at one time. For your safety, we will have masks on for the duration of your session. I will sanitize the space in-between clients as well.

I can’t wait for you to experience this with your kiddos!!!

Click here to book your session. 

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