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Flower Bath Sessions

For Babies and Toddlers

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d probably seen lots of pics of my daughter London bathing in the sink with flowers all around. This week, I wanted to see how can I create something similar with other children at the studio. The challenge, of course, is that

1) We don’t have water there except in the public restroom outside of the studio.

2) The studio is lined with carpet.

3) There is no sink or tub

4) How can I warm up the water?

5) How can I make each one different enough that they are each unique?

So I went to Lowe’s and found a waterproof drop sheet (like the one they use for painting). I got a bucket from Home Goods and jugs and jugs of water from Walmart. lol.. Oh! and to warm up the water, we have this super cool kettle that my Mom gave me last year that can warm water up in 3 mins or so. That’s how I was able to warm the water up for these cuties. As for the flowers, I mixed silk flowers that I got from Joann with fresh ones from Trader Joe’s to get the final look I wanted. From there, it is playing with the backdrop and different color combinations to make each one unique.

I hope you love them!

I am super excited to be offering these to the public soon!

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