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Yellow Mustard Fields Maternity Session- Kim & Kenny

It’s been raining so much that it’s really hard to plan for outdoor photoshoots here in Sacramento. But like every spring, mustard fields are sprouting up left and right and they are GLORIOUS!!!! And that’s where we went for Kim’s second maternity session.

I’ve known Kim for a few years now. I first met her when I was photographing her sister Linda’s wedding (5 or 6 years ago?). Kim & Kenny were still dating at that time. Who knew that I’d end up photographing her 1st pregnancy [among the almond blossoms]…

… then her first set of family photographs [among the lupine fields at Folsom Lake.]

Now for her 2nd pregnancy [with a girl this time], she wants mustard field photos.

Mustard fields shouldn’t be hard to find in Sacramento during March & April. My go-to field hasn’t bloomed yet but I found another mustard field that’s in full bloom just in time.

With so much rain this year, we texted back and forth like crazy about the weather. Then 1 week before her session, the sun was out at noon. I knew Kim was off that Friday so I texted to see if they can make it at 5PM that same day. She said yes! She’ll ask if Hubby can get off a little earlier from work.

The irony about all of this is that after all of the challenges with finding the location, working around the rainy weather, making it on time to get good lighting, the biggest challenge was KYLE, her son, not wanting anything to do with Mommy at the shoot. He only wanted Daddy!!! hahahahaha

So we changed gear and did more action shots to get him to smile.

Kyle was sooooo happy just running around.
There’s Daddy teasing him in the background to get him to laugh.

We ended up getting so many happy smiles out of Kyle but phew!!! His parents must have been exhausted.

I know Kim was nervous cuz her first reply after getting the proof gallery was, “Surprisingly, Kyle looks so happy in them. I remember that day going so differently than what’s captured.”

Interested in getting your family photographed in the yellow mustard field in Sacramento as well? Contact me below to get started or text me at 916-475-3346.

I hope these images make you smile!
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