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Our Visit to HvH Flowers in Fairfield, CA

Have you ever been to a working flower farm before?

I discovered HVH Flowers on Instagram a couple months ago when they opened the flower farm for a day for photographers to visit & take pictures. I was already booked for another shoot that evening and couldn’t make it. Since then, I’ve been on a look out to see what flowers are in blooming. Then 2 days ago, I saw sunflower posts on their tag & knew I had to visit.

It’s been a while since we took London & Alex on an exploring adventure. Hubby was up for it so I made the reservation online for the same day & we made the 1-hr drive from Elk Grove to Fairfield to visit!!!!

As soon as we got there, a little dog came out, licked London & ran away. After that, London made it her mission to go find him so she can properly pet him.

True to a working farm, there was a lot of dirt. If you visit, I’d recommend wearing closed-toe shoes or wedges. Something comfortable & okay to get dirty.

First, we went into the greenhouse filled with Gerbera daisies.

I’ve never seen so many lush daisies like these before.

Alex found a bent daisy near the ground and plucked it.

The flowers are planted in containers, stacked in neat & (very narrow) rows. We tried so hard not to damage any, mainly by walking sideway in.

Next to the Gerbera daisies were rows & rows of empty containers (for now).

Next came the cosmos. I cannot believe they are sooooo tall!!!! Cosmo season must be coming to an end because the white ones are mostly wilted. The lilac cosmos though, are perfectly healthy and are in full bloom. It’s super narrow here so I only snuck Alex in. London was too busy looking for her puppy & was disappointed that he’s nowhere to be found.

How beautiful is this shot that Henry took? (F/1.2 for the win!)

“London, I’m going to take a picture of the bee for you, okay?”

London was pretty much over it by the time we got to the marigold. Henry tried so hard to get her to smile but all he got were the awkward, fake smile she always do nowadays.

So standing next to him, I started shaking my bootie & twirling my dress & flashing her my legs & thighs. (lmao.. don’t judge! When you’re desperate enough, you know you’re willing to do anything to get a smile out of your baby.)

And IT WORKED!!!!!

Now here’s London in the background next to Daddy, directing Alex on how to pose.

She is literally the cutest thing!!! Look at those biggo eyes!!!

There was zinnias but London wouldn’t have it so we spent 2 mins stalking a butterfly & some honey bees, trying hard to get her to look interested. lol

Thankfully, Alex was all about it!!!

Here’s Miss 4 year-old-going-on-14 stalking away, desperate to find her puppy.

The sun was setting & casted the most beautiful glow to these photos by the sunflowers. As you can tell by the photo below, the sunflowers on the left are starting to wilt. But the 2 rows on the right with the shorter stalks are in full bloom. So we took what we had & made the best out of them.


This little booger, it must be hard being the first born. The world revolved around you for the longest time then all of a sudden, you have a little sister so now, you’re feeling neglected since the little sister is getting most of the attention since she’s younger and more vulnerable. We try really hard to spend time together & to show her how much she is loved. But sometimes, it seems all she needed was to be held like a little baby.

Lastly, we went back to the entrance where the 2 large willow trees stood. THEY WERE SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL & MAJESTIC. A few rows of ranunculus are starting to bloom nearby.

Look at Alex and her doll-like face!!! Always so photogenic.

Look at that pout! She’s so beautiful in her quiet moment.

Then we discovered the wooden benches underneath the willow branches then it’s quiet no more!

Chillaxing mode: ON!!!!

I hope you enjoy our flower farm story. As apparent in these photos, taking pictures with young kids are really hit or miss. While I’d love to get big smiles all the time, I’ve come to cherish the quiet moments also as they feel so authentic & natural. Children are [just] naturally beautiful!!!

For the location, hours & to book your reservation to visit HvH Flowers, check out their website at They do have the flower stand open most days from 1-5PM if you want to purchase fresh flowers.

If you’re interested in getting photos similar to these at this location, please CONTACT ME here or text me at 916-475-3346 / email me at to get started.


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