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Alvin + Jillian’s City Hall Wedding (Sacramento, CA Photographer)

Alvin & Jillian tied the knot last Friday at City Hall and they couldn’t be any happier!!!

We started the afternoon with their first look in front of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Downtown Sacramento. When we video chatted earlier in the week, Jillian mentioned that she wanted photos at the Capitol and in Old Sac but she is open to suggestions since she doesn’t know anywhere else. After sending her a few other locations, she said she loved them all and would let me decided where we should meet up.

So first look in front of the Cathedral it is! What we didn’t know however, was that it was going to bbe 113 degree on that day and that the front of the Cathedral where the grand iron doors are, will be in full sun, which means it will be even hotter. So instead of having their first look in front of the church, we opted to have Alvin sees Jillian first underneath this beautiful rows of trees on the side by K Street instead.

After their first look, Jillian put on his boutonnières. It really felt like it was prom all over again.

Then we snapped a few shots in front of the church before heading over to City Hall (which was only 6 minutes away).

After checking in, we waited for about 25 mins or so before their parents (plus me, the photographer) were allowed to go in for the official ceremony. They laughed alot. She teared up. They laughed some more, said their vows & leaned in for their first kiss!!!!

They were married!!!!!

When asked how does it feel to be married? Jillian said that it all happened so fast that she was still trying to process it all. But this didn’t prevent her Mom from crying at her seat seeing that her only daughter is now married to the man of her dreams!!!! This made Jillian teared up again.

After the ceremony, we headed to Leland Stafford Mansion on N Street in Downtown Sacramento for family and formal photos. While waiting for everyone to get there, I snapped some shots of the bride. Isn’t she sooo beautiful? (Seriously, I was crushing on her the WhOLE afternoon!!!)

Isn’t Jillian so beautiful? I, of course, was hiding behind a tree to snap these. lol

After a few more formal pics, we spent 20 minutes taking family photos. Their family is seriously the cutest. When I asked Alvin’s parents to pose together for some “romantic” shots, his Mom looked at me nervously and got SO shy {just to hold hands and looking at her husband lovingly!!!} It was so cute!!!!

This is his sister, Michelle & her brother, Ben. They both have 1 sibling each.

I had sent sample photos the week of and Jillian really loved these stairs at Leland Mansion.

After the museum, we headed to Old Sacramento to finish off the session.

Congratulation Alvin & Jillian, on the start of your married life together. I loved the time spent with you!!!! I wish you two many, many wonderful years filled with crazy love, laughter and memorable moments!!!!! And babies!!!! I’m sure that’s what your parents would like to see soon. hahaha…

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  1. My wedding is at court house July 29 and we like pictures at city hall can u give me price please

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