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My Little Humans/ The Model Call

Calling all Two Twenty Photos (TTP) clients, friends & fans,

I’m looking for fresh new faces to grace my new B/W Kid Headshot portfolio which I will call, “My Little Humans”. #ttpmylittlehumans.

As you know, I had London 3 years ago and I thought she was the cutest thing alive. Since turning 2 years old, she loved seeing photos of herself around the house. Seriously, before her, the last photos we have printed out and hung up were our wedding photos (from 5 years ago). I read in a study once that said children feel more loved when they see photos of them and their family around the house. It’s confirmation that they are loved and cared for. Since then, we’ve been printing out alot of photos and would have them scattered: instax pics on the fridge, collages on the wall, large canvases for the family room and bedrooms. We are more privileged since this is what I do for a living.

This year, I want to push parents to print more photos for the house. It doesn’t matter if you print them at CVS or Shutterfly or order them through me. The point is that those happy moments are displayed and they serve as a constant reminders to your kids that they are precious and are so, so loved!!!

A COMPLIMENTARY 10-MIN SESSION for your little one
– (1)- 8×10 print and
3 digital images of your favorite black and white headshots of each kid
(normally priced at $250 but free if you are picked during the model call).


DATE: Sunday, March 28, 2021

TIME: 9:30AM to 2:30PM

WHO: Babies and kiddos, ages 6 months to 10 years old. Children must be able to sit on their own.

WHAT: Complimentary 10-minute mini studio session. You will receive 3 free digital images and one free 8×10 print for your time.

LOCATION: My Midtown Studio on J Street in Sacramento

SIGN UP: I have room for 20 models. 10 will be reserved for my past clients for the last 2 years and 10 will be open to everyone! If you are interested and available, please fill out the form below. You’ll be added to my list of interested families as well as my email newsletter.

DEADLINE: Entry will be open until Monday, 3/22 at noon. I will email you on Tuesday by 5PM to let you know if you have secured a spot.

Hurry, these spots will go fast!

In order to participate, you will need to sign a model release agreeing to let me use these images in my portfolio and marketing material. You don’t have to have a child to enter. You can gift the session to someone who does.

1: Follow me, Tra at Two Twenty Photos on Instagram:
2: Tag 3 friends on Instagram who’d love to hear about this giveaway.
3: On the same instagram post, tell me which kid(s) you will bring and something that’s cute/funny or unique about your kid or kids. Limit to 2 kids per household for the general giveaway. There is no limit to the number of kids if you are my past client.
4: In my Instagram story, let me know you have done all of the 3 things above PLUS send me your first name, number and email address so I will know how to contact you.
– 4a: If you are my past client or if you don’t have Instagram, please comment below (of this post) with which kid(s) you will bring and something that’s cute/funny or unique about your kid or kids.

DEADLINE: You have until Monday (3/22/2021) at 12PM to enter on Instagram. For my past clients, look out for an email from me later today. I will pick 10 people from Instagram and 10 past clients to gift the session to. The winner will be chosen based on the story behind that child. You will be notified by email on Tuesday by 5PM if you are chosen.

At that time, you will be sent timeslots so you can schedule your shoot for Sunday, 3/28. The address for my midtown studio on J Street in Sacramento will be sent at that time as well.

To schedule your time slot, I require $100 for the retainer fee. After the session, it will be refunded back to you if you show up for photos as scheduled. If you don’t show up, the $100 retainer is non-refundable since you did not fulfill your end of the agreement.

After the shoot, you’ll get to pick one picture for the 8×10 print and 3 digital images to keep. Should you love the photos and want to order larger canvases and collages for the house, you can place your order at that time as well.

– (1) framed collage with (5)-5×7 prints- $125
– (1) 12×18 canvas – $125
– (1) 16×24 canvas- $160
– (1) 20×30 canvas- $188
– (1) 24×26 canvas- $220

Please contact me below if you have any questions.
Thank you and good luck!!!!


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