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Baby No. 2 Announcement

Henry and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting baby #2 next year. And IT’S A GIRL!!!!!

It’s been very hard to keep this a secret, especially on the days when I’m throwing up and feeling nauseous all morning, afternoon and evening! It doesn’t happen everyday but it certainly throws a wrench into my everyday routine. I know some of you are so curious about my progress and how am I doing so I hope this blog post will help answer some of that. And if you’re here for cute photos of London, it’s the perfect post!!!!

Currently, I am 11 weeks.
Baby No. 2 is due on March 15, 2020.

Usually the earliest the ultrasound can detect the sex of the baby is at 13 weeks. In Sacramento, you can go to such places like the Baby Connection and pay $50 as early as 13 weeks to know the sex of your baby.

For me, I will be 35 by the time I give birth. That’s considered geriatric (or old) so the Dr. allowed me to do a blood test at 10 weeks to find out the sex (as well as scanning for down syndrome and a couple other markers).

Honestly, I wanted a boy sooooo bad! Like so bad that I’ve been having dreams about it. So far, I’ve had 5 dreams, 4 of which the baby is a boy and 1 where it’s a girl! For London, I had 2 dreams that it’s a girl and 1 where it’s a boy! So I thought for sure that it’ll be a boy this time.

When the result came back a week later and the technician told me that it’s a girl, I just said, “OHHH??”
I asked her what are the chances of it being a boy?
She said, “1%”.
#lmao. *falling over in my chair****

That was at 2PM (on this past Tuesday). Later that afternoon when I was at Michael’s to look for a blackboard to do announcement photos with London, and was texting with a girlfriend, it dawned on me what a blessing it is to have a baby. Just to be able to be pregnant. As you might remember from London’s pregnancy, it took us almost 2 years to have her. This baby took 7 months, a lot shorter time. I know I will be turning 35 soon so I wanted to have the 2nd baby before then so I’ve been tracking my period. And so far, my period cycle has been crazy too. My cycle has been 48 days, 60 days, 50 days and this last one. So it’s really hard to know when I ovulate. Therefore we can’t really plan at all. It’s purely luck that I am pregnant. So with that, I am moving forward with a grateful heart.

I am sooooo excited to have 2 girls to spoil!!! Think of all of the photoshoots that we will have!


Henry is OVER THE MOON to have another girl! He is so in love with London that if this baby is anything like her (so funny and spunky), he is ready to give them anything.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember that a month ago when I posted on my InstaStory that I’m starting an ab exercise. I was gaining weight and was just to tired all the time. I was so tired of feeling sluggish so I started exercising. Well, that 7-minute workout kicked my butt so much that I threw up afterward. Then then next day, I was so light headed and nauseous. But crazy enough, I felt like there was a little lump in my stomach. I told Henry about this and tested just in case. And sure enough, I was pregnant.

Week 6-9 was bad, I threw up 4 or 5 more times and was nauseous morning, afternoon and evening until 9pm. And whenever I threw up, it was very violent. So much that Henry had to hold my hair up a couple of times and I cried each time. Afterward my whole body shook so I was done for the day.

For London, there was nothing. I was super hungry every morning. I ate so much that I gained a lot of weight quick! For this one, I have been eating a lot. I gained inches but I haven’t gained any weight on the scale. Weird, right?

The past 2 weeks have been good, until I threw up super violently in San Diego last Friday. That was probably the worst one yet. I threw up so much that the stomach acid burned my throat and I couldn’t eat for a whole day.

I’ve been drinking ginger tea and managing my hunger. I realized that I can’t get too hungry because that’s when I’m mostly to throw up.


lol.. We told her but she doesn’t understand yet. When I tested positive, I showed her the stick and automatically, she grabbed it and tried to put it in her mouth.

I have no double that she will be a such a wonderful older sister though. London is so gentle with other babies, dogs and cats. Whenever we go somewhere and see a dog, we HAVE to pet it. Overtime, we have taught her to be gentle when petting these pets so she is really good at it.

Just the thought of them sharing a room with a bunk bed, fighting over clothes or which camera each will get is so exciting! And all of the matching outfits that we will get and/or make. lol..

Thank you for reading!

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