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Visiting Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm | Portland, Oregon

I visited Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm today and it was THE MOST SPECTACULAR thing I have ever seen in my life.

The tulip festival at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm just outside of Portland, Oregon.
4/16/2019- The tulip festival is from March 23 to April 29. Due to photoshoots and weddings, we couldn’t make it out until this week and it’s perfect because right now is peak bloom.

For almost as long as Henry and I have been together (12 years), I have talked about wanting to go see the tulips in bloom. But it never happened because we don’t have the money to go to Holland, the time off from work to take a long and expensive trip, we forgot and didn’t know when the tulips are in bloom until it’s too late… blah, blah, blah! There was always an excuse until this year. We made it happened this year!!! And it is only an 1.5 hour flight from Sacramento to Portland.

And the best part was, we got to share it with our daughter, London.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is a short 50-minute car ride south of Portland. We rented a car from the airport and stayed at an AirBnB while in Portland.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know already that London is sick. She has the cough and phlegm so girlfriend was not feeling it today. She was fussing and crying so much since it’s chilly and windy outside. So we couldn’t get as many smiling pictures as I had hoped but the ones we got, they are sooooo precious! I guess it made it that much more memorable for our first family trip to the tulip farm. lol..

Since having a child, I realized that “DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!” Kids are so unpredictable that there is no right time. So even if she is grumpy or cranky, these pictures are so precious when we look back on them later on. It is definitely better than not having them taken at all, am I right?

Have you seen something so amazingly incredible? There were rows after rows after rows of blooming tulips in all different colors in every direction . There was even a windmill like a windmill farm I went to in Holland in 2015.

Henry noticed a rare white tulip among all of the orange blooms.

There is still time to visit if you want to make it before the festival ends on April 29th.

Both London’s and my dresses are from Gap. Here is the direct link to London’s dress and my dress. Gap is having a spring sale right now if you want to take advantage of it.

Photos by Henry Huynh.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
33814 S Meridian Rd
Woodburn, OR 97073

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