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4th of July Fireworks in Downtown Old Sacramento

Did you guys make it out to see the firework show yesterday?

Or you had firework at home after the barbecue?

I was contacted by Downtown Sacramento late last week to photograph Old Sac for the holiday. So yesterday for 4th of July, I went to Old Sacramento with my friend, Lily, to do a little exploring and to watch the firework show at night.

Did you know that there is an old record store in Old Sac?
Brooks Novelty Antique & Records has been in Old Sac for 35 years now. I walked through this alley so many times on my photoshoots (especially when my studio was located in Old Sacramento) but I didn’t not know that it was there. If you are curious to check it out, it is in the Firehouse alley next to Courtyard D’ORO. 
This is Brooksy, the owner of Brooks Novelty.
In Old Sacramento, you can always expect to see musicians and street performers as well as the horse carriages and classic cars. And lots and lots of restaurants. It’s a great place to eat and people watch, like on the balcony La La Terraza Mexican Restaurant or on the patio of Rio City which overlook the river and the golden Tower Bridge.

Dine and people watching on the patio at La Terraza Mexican Restaurant
Watch a show or have a celebration on the river at the Delta King Hotel.
Dinner and sunset on the patio at Rio City Restaurant It was super cute seeing so many elderly couples out last night.  As it got darker, sooooooo many people came. Everyone was looking for an ideal spot to watch the firework show at 9:30PM. 
So without further ado, here it is!

And for the Grand Finale
I hope you enjoyed the images.
This is a bit out of my normal portrait and wedding posts. hehe..


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