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Baby Chef London’s 6-month milestone Photoshoot

Welcome to Baby Chef London’s Kitchen!

Today, London turns 6 months old and what better way to document this than a fun baby chef photoshoot at our new studio in Elk Grove. Oh my goodness! I’ve been waiting for this day for ever!!!

The newborn days were so hard that I counted the days until she turned 3 months.  Don’t get me wrong, London was super happy and easy during the day ever since she was born. It was only during the witching hours late at evening from 6pm-midnight when she can’t sleep soundly that she fussed and fussed. I used to camp on the couch each night starting at 5:30pm and stayed there until midnight. I almost went mad. But then I’d watch her sleep at 2AM and early in the morning and I’d fall in love all over again. It repeated everyday for several months.  I was so thankful when 4 months came along because then she became so much more predictable. We still had those fussy nights but it wasn’t 5-6 hrs a night, every night. It became 2.5 hrs each night instead. (hahaha…)

Then at 5 months, she was able to roll over.
Then slowly, she sat up.
She started on solid food.
Avocado, spinach, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes.
She likes them all and eats them all!!!

So to celebrate this new milestone, for her half birthday, I thought a baby chef photoshoot with all the of the veggies she can and will be eating would be so fitting!

I literally thought of this theme 3 days. We didn’t have a chef’s hat readily at home so I made one out of dyed coffee paper filter and construction paper, held together by lots of two-side tape and staples. (lol). I didn’t get to go to the store so I raided our fridge for what was available and just ran with it. Why do I love all of these stinky faces so much? #diva

And just for fun cuz I know my Mom will get a kick out of these, I give you our “Nuoc Mam Baby” or the “Fish Sauce Baby”. 

Growing up, we always use fish sauce to season our Vietnamese dishes. So much that I don’t really know how to cook without it. Even in pasta and chili, I still add a little bit of fish sauce (like a true Asian. hahaha). And the cone hat, it always reminds me of my Mom working in the backyard. So cheers to keeping up with traditions and culture!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Contact me if you have a growing family and would like to have it photographed and documented as well.
Thank you so much for visiting!

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How I made the chef hat out of coffee filters all folded and taped onto a construction paper. lol. She look liked a Native American chief at first.



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