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Marlyn + Paul’s Napa Valley Engagement Photos

I went to Napa for Paul and Marlyn’s engagement session yesterday and it was nothing short of amazing! (Except it was 90 degree and super sunny on a Memorial Day weekend so everyone was out wine tasting at the castle (Castello di Amorosa). lol.

I met Marlyn when she was a bridesmaid at her friend Van’s wedding that we photographed almost 2 years ago and she has followed me on Instagram since. Paul and Marlyn live and work in Las Vegas so that’s where the wedding will be next February. Imagine how surprised I was when she contacted me a week after Paul proposed! A week!

They flew to CA to attend a friend’s wedding this weekend so we made plans to meet up in Napa Valley for their engagement session. During the wedding consultation (which took place at night with them sitting in Marlyn’s car in the driveway so that their nephews can’t find them… hahaha..), we had talked whether I should fly out to Vegas or they come to CA, Marlyn said Napa’s greenery would match perfectly with their wedding theme next year. So just like that, we met up at the castle, dodged the crowd, laughed way too hard and had an amazing time.

I love how comfortable and silly they are together.

For the second location, we went to Alston Park and stumbled onto fields and field of dry yellow grass. You probably can’t tell but the sun has gone down already by the time we got to the yellow field. But oh boy, they are some of my favorite photos taken yesterday as they looked so relaxed and carefree and overall just so fun and free spirited.

I can’t wait for you to pick our your favorites, guys! These are only a tiny portion of my favorites. lol

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