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Darlene & Rowell’s Super Fun & Emotional Wedding at Morris Chapel


This weekend, Darlene and Rowell got married at Morris Chapel in Stockton, CA and it was one of the most exciting, tearful and emotional event we’ve ever photographed!!!

Ro and Darlene met while they were in high school but it wasn’t until after he got back from the military that we reconnected. And they’ve been together since then. Ro is thoughtful, considerate and is always smiling. It makes me laugh how well he knows me by now. While we were taking photos, he would remember that his phone was in his pocket and would immediate take out it out. And his keys and anything miscellaneous for he knows that I am a nazi for details and I like a smooth seam for all pockets. Darlene on the other hand, is super nice, detailed oriented and is so mature for her age. Honestly, throughout the whole day, there were many times when I thought she was going to lose it but she did not. For example, early in the morning when we got to church, they found that they one of the custom dress hanger was left at the hotel room. Then the flowers got dropped at the front of the church without anyone to attend to them and she didn’t freak out. At the reception later on, Ro forgot his bowtie at the house and that was okay. Seriously, there was so many other things that didn’t go perfectly according to plan but she was so calm and collected. For her, as long as their family and friends were having fun, that was all that mattered. AND OH BOY, they were definitely having a lot of fun last night alright!! People showed up on time. Dinner was served on time. EVERYONE at EVERY TABLE made the groom lift the bride up to grab the money envelopes. The photobooth was hopping. Her parents were singing with the live band. All of the adults and youngster danced to the Cambodian and Filipino music.

It was one of the best dance parties I have even been to!!!!!!!!

Without further delay, here’s a glimpse of how their day went.



Since Ro is the President of a local car club, he got the guys to gathered together early at the church for some photos as well.

It was a beautiful day for a WEDDING CEREMONY AT MORRIS CHAPEL on the University of the Pacific Campus.

Reverend Tan and Jennifer Tan playing the harp and flute as guests arrive at Morris Chapel. Reverend Tan also officiated their wedding ceremony.
Rowell walking in with his Mom and Dad.

Darlene accompanied by her older brother.

Their first kiss as husband & wife, as everyone cheered them on.

Immediately following the reception, we took family photos in front of the alter. Then following by formal photos of the bride and groom in church.

Following formal inside of Morris Chapel, the whole bridal party went outside to take advantage of the pretty sceneries at the University of the Pacific College Campus. Honestly it was so hot and humid yesterday so we were sweating profusely. Good thing in photos, you can really tell at all. I am also very lucky to be able to work with such a really awesome bridal party. Ro and Darlene’s friends were totally down to do whatever I asked. Though some were a bit cheesy, they went without any complaints. As the results, we laughed so hard and had so much fun!

Oh my gosh! I just can’t with these guys!!!!!! No matter how many times I passed by this photo, I can’t help but laugh out loud at their reaction. lmao…Really, tell me that this pic didn’t make you laugh.

After the bridal party photos, we let everyone go and concentrated on the bride and groom. Even though it was so hot and Darlene was sweating profusely, she was a trooper and pressed on without any complains. Ohhhhh my gawdddddd! Cant they be any cuter together? Seriously, I just tell them to face each other and immediately they would start laughing at each other. No directions needed for these lovebirds.

Saving this BEST one for last. Doesn’t it look like it belongs in a magazine somewhere? HOW CAN YOU BE SO STYLISH just by standing there?

THE WEDDING RECEPTION took place at Asia Palace. This was the first time Henry and I photographed a wedding here and we were pleasantly surprised just how beautiful this Chinese Restaurant can look with some draping and uplighting! My favorite part was the cake table. And the backdrop for the photobooth. And Darlene & Ro’s custom logo that was projected on the wall. Okay! So I liked a lot of things about this wedding. This is not to mention the live band and the BEST DJ ever!!!!

Then the tear jerker came when they had the mother & son / father & daughter dance.

Once Ro started crying, Darlene started to cry too, which made everyone else cried.

Then her older brother and sister in law joined them. They hugged and cried together.

Ro was still crying when they cut the cake.
Garter Toss & Bouquet Toss time He teased! And teased! And teased her some more. LMAO… It seems like forever until he made his final move.

WHAT A PARTY! WHAT A PARTY! WHAT A PARTY!!!!Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Esquejo!!!! Henry and I are so grateful for your trust to have us there to document such an extraordinary day! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter as you share this wonderful married life together! May your journey together be fun, adventurous and full of love like yesterday’s!!!!!!




Photographer: Tra Huynh // @twotwentyphotos and Henry Huynh  // @henryhuynh916
Officiant, Flute, Harp:  Tan Wedding & Events  // @tanweddingsandevents
DJ: David Soth // @djbayontunes
Cake:  Something Sweet Bakery- Galt  // @somethingsweetgalt
Photo booth: @theoriginalselfiephotobooth
Decor: The Ocean Wedding Services  // @dj_wedding_services
Getting Ready: Courtyard Marriott on W. March Lane in Stockton, CA
Ceremony: Morris Chapel at University of the Pacific  // @morrischapelevents
Wedding Reception: Asia Palace Restaurant in Stockton, CA

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