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Derek & Susan’s Wedding Sneak Peek | Boundary Oaks Golf Course in Walnut Creek, CA

Two days ago, we had the most wonderful pleasure to photograph Derek & Susan’s wedding at Boundary Oaks Golf Course in Walnut Grove, CA.


Since their ceremony was not until 6PM, we planned to day to start with:
– Getting ready photos
– Followed by the bride & groom’s first look under the venue’s famous oak tree.
– After that, they held the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.
– We then did formal bridal photos,
– Followed by the walking-down-the-aisle wedding ceremony, and
– Lastly, the wedding reception in the ballroom.

Since we are sooooo excited to share this wedding with you, here is a sneak peek of their wedding day.

As usual, we always start off the day with photographing all of the pretty details that the bride spent endless hours preparing.

boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-4boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-2The girls got matching TOMS so of course we had to do a shoe shot.boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-20And just for kicks and giggles, I got onto the floor just to get a photo of them starting down at me as though they were looking at their shoes. (bahahaha…)boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-11BUT FIRST, lemme take a selfie!!!
While we’re at it, we also did a bunch of funny videos for Snapchat too. LMAO
Love these girls so much for not being afraid to be silly.boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-18

Now let’s get back to business so we can get the bride ready for her first look:


Meanwhile, Derek and his groomsmen are pretty all done.


Boundary Oaks has a really large beautiful oak tree in the middle of the golf course that they only allow the bride and groom to be photographed under. So naturally that was the perfect spot for Derek and Susan to do their first look under.

boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-11boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-10boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-12boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-13boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-14boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-15boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-16boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-17boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-7boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-13boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-23boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-22And since this oak tree is so perfect, we stayed a little longer to take formal photos as well.

boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-16boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-9boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-8boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-15boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-21Right after the formal look, Susan changed into a traditional dress so they can do the tea ceremony. The beautiful thing about Boundary Oaks is that there is space to do everything on the property. There is plenty of parking and you don’t need to drive anywhere afterward.



After the tea ceremony, we did bridal party photos.
Oh how I love this group. They were down to do everything that we suggested and even came up with some fun ideas of their own. And THAT LIGHTING?
**It was soooo beautiful!!!**



boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-40boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-37Aren’t these the most adorable wedding program you’ve seen? They even had the whole bridal party illustrated in the back.  (**My heart was squealing from happiness when I saw one of the guests hold them. So I borrowed 4. tehehee…)boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-38boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-39boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-29boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-31boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-32boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-30boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-33boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-34boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-42boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-photographer-41


After photos with family and friends, we tried to get the last of Saturday’s sunset before heading into the wedding reception.boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-41boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-40boundary-oaks-golf-course-wedding-walnut-grove-43

Second shooter: Henry Huynh (@hhhuynh)
Videographer:  Phillip Sheffield, (@phillipalanfilm )
Venue: Boundary Oaks Golf Course (@boundaryoakgolfcourse) in Walnut Grove, CA
Flowers by Kimberly of Bings Design (@bingsdesign)
Photobooth by: The Photo Spot  (

Congratulations Derek and Susan. Thank you so much allowing us the opportunity to share such a beautiful day with you and your family. We love you guys so much and wish nothing but love and happiness for your marriage.

For my readers, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work. If you know Susan and Derek then be sure to leave a message below to congratulate them.

Until next time,

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