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The Most Beautiful Getting Ready Photos We’ve Taken

Usually for the wedding sneak peeks, we would release a series of gorgeous photographs of the bride and groom from the wedding ceremony and the formal photoshoot. You know, the ones that we are so excited about that we had to edit them the night of the wedding.

But for Tien and Teresa’s wedding, these getting-ready photos of the groom and his son are just SOOOOO sweet and raw that they really captured our hearts. Henry and I cannot stop gushing over them so we HAVE to share this love and happiness with you.

I love this moment shared between Dad and son on their wedding day.
Grandpa, Father and Son all in one photo

Isn’t Talan the most GQ kid ever?

Tell me that you didn’t smile from cheek to cheek looking at these.

Happy Sunday! We are off to photograph Rose and Jason’s wedding now.

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