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JR & Shadelle’s Wedding at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex :: Sacramento, CA

Our 2016 wedding season started this past Saturday with JR & Shadelle’s wedding at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. Other than meeting them at our wedding consultation and seeing photos of their adventures on Instagram and occasionally texting back and forth, this is our second time seeing them in person. But that didn’t matter at all.  It felt like we were capturing an old friend’s wedding. We laughed and joked and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we witnessed the start of their journey toward marriage.

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-6

JR & Shadelle’s wedding was one of the most heartwarming weddings that we had the pleasure to document. From the personal vows, to the charm on her bouquet to remember her grandparents, to JR playing the guitar to serenade his wife, to the heartfelt tears she shed as she danced with her Mom, everything was beautiful. And we are sooooo excited that we have to share these sneak peeks with you even though it is only 2 days after the event.

Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-2Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-3Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-7Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-6Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-5Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-5Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding PhotographerHaggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-2Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-7Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-8Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-31

JR didn’t want to see Shadelle until she walked down the aisle but Shadelle did want to have a moment so they can pray together right before the wedding ceremony. It would have been difficult to do since everyone was everywhere now that the ceremony was about to begin. So end up, we just used the door to her dressing room as the wall that connected but separated them as they held hand and prayed together.

Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca weddingHaggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-8

Let’s get the wedding ceremony started, shall we?

Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-3
The bride bought these cute signs for the bridesmaid to show off.

Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-9

Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-10
Once the bridal party has marched up, I can tell that JR was getting really nervous. While everyone was looking to the back to wait for the bride to enter, JR kept really quiet as he kept his looking down at his feet.
Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-12
As Shadelle walked up, she was on the verge of tears too.
Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-11
Seeing her teared up, JR got emotional too.

Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-13Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-14Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-15Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-16Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-1-17Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-9Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-10

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-11
Their first kiss as husband and wife

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-12

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-13
Such a happy moment.

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-14Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-15

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-16

This is probably one of the most unique photo Henry has captured. In the midst of chaos as people are trying to decide whether we are still taking photos or not, JR & Shadelle are just in perfect harmony.

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-17

Then we are off to explore the grounds at Haggin Oaks so we can take formal photos.

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-18

They had 7 groomsmen and 7 bridesmaids so needless to say, we had to get a little bit creative with the photos in order to fit everyone in and make the photos interesting. It was a bit chaotic but I think we nailed it!!!! What a fun wedding party they made! Everyone was really chill which made my job as the director a lot easier.Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-19Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-20Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-21Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-23Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-24Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-26Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-27Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-28Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-29Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-30

After the formal photos with the bridal party, we let them go to enjoy the cocktail hour while I photographed the bride and groom alone. We only had 45 mins for photos with the bridal party and the newlywed so it was rushed, rushed, rushed the whole time. But thank goodness, the lighting at this time was almost perfect! And these trees made it looked like we were in some sort of fairytale book.

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-32Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-33Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-34Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-35Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-37Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-38Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-39Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-40Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-41

Here are a few images from the wedding reception. What a fun! FUN! FUN!!!! party it was!

Haggin oaks golf complex sacramento ca wedding-2

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-43
Their first dance
Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-44
Such a sweet moment during the mother and son dance.
Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-45
When JR serenaded his new wife.
Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-46
The Wedding Singer: “Just pretend like I am JR and he is singing this to you.”
Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-47
Had to post this photo because JR looked like we was doing an commercial to promote his maple bacon cupcakes.
Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-48
When I saw the gazebo all lit up at night, I couldn’t resist grabbing them for this shot.

Haggin Oaks Sacramento Wedding Photographer-49



This is it for the sneak peek you guys!!!!!! I was just so excited about this amazing wedding that I went a bit crazy with picking and choosing. The full blog with more photos from the reception will be up once I’m done culling and editing their full wedding gallery. That’s hopefully in 4 weeks.

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Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

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