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Sneak Peek: Thuy & Truong’s Engagement Session in Jacksonville, FL

beauty and the best engagement photos beauty and the best engagement photos-5

Last week when I was visiting Jacksonville, FL for my cousin’s wedding, I got the opportunity to take engagement photos for my good friend Thuy and her fiance, Truong, as well. Thuy and Truong live in West Palm Beach but Thuy’s parents live in Jacksonville so they drove up here for the session. I know Thuy ever since I was a junior in high school. I waitressed at her family’s Vietnamese restaurant for almost 2 years so we got to know each other very well. She’s like my little sister and I couldn’t be happier for her for finding someone that can make her laugh and laugh and laugh.

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I’ve never seen her laugh so much before in my life and my heart felt so happy. And I couldn’t help but laugh along with them. Seriously, everytime I told them to hold hand and look at each other, Thuy would automatically crack up. It was so cute!
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They had 4 outfits total. The first outfit were the ao dai (Vietnamese traditional clothing) that they wore at their engagement party recently. The second outfit is the most fun one. They are their “Beauty & the Beast” shirts. When we talked on the phone to plan the session, Thuy told me about these shirts so I thought, what if she brings along a compact and lipstick and he brings along his dumbbells so he can get into this “beast” mode.

Here’s the skit we came up with:

beauty and the best engagement photos-7Girly Girl
beauty and the best engagement photos-8

Handsome Strong Guy

He saw her at the park, thought she was cute so he tried to show off his muscles to impress her. However, she didn’t see anything. She was too consumed with her hair. So he tried to be Mr. Cool to impress her, only to have her laugh her head off.

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This is just a sneak peek.They have lots and lots of adorable photos so stay tuned.

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